how to live dangerously: play rpg with no healer in party

i think i wanna make an art blog so i have a (sort of) organized place to post my art on here, but i don’t know what to name it ;w;

Four favourite characters from Danganronpa.


too many Tales things not enough money


you know she dead

nomoreheroes2 replied to your post “[[MOR] tbh, a lot of the reason why i don’t feel confident in my…”

You’ll get them eventually, don’t worry about it! just don’t be ashamed of them, every style has a charm, and just because your humans dont look like other humans doesnt mean they’re bad

i think i do just need to give myself more time to practice and i wouldn’t feel so bad about it. i guess sometimes i just kinda let my anxieties about it get the best of me, like right now. ;w; your words really helped though, now i just feel motivated to do some sketches to work on it more. c:

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Commission for Ayana-88. Travis Touchdown and Ryuji from “No More Heroes” going shopping in Japan. 




Hi tumblr,

this is to let everyone know that I have a policy of not reblogging any post which says “if you don’t reblog this you’re a bad person,” “if you don’t reblog this I don’t trust you,” “why doesn’t this have more notes,” or similar things. No matter how vitally important the post may be, and no matter whether the demand to reblog the post applies to anyone who might read it, or only to a particular subset.

I don’t reblog things like this because such posts are an anxiety trigger for several of my followers (that I know of, there may be more), and as such present an access barrier. Also, because I think it’s mean and not ok to use that kind of… emotional threat? to get someone to do something so specific and relatively trivial as reblogging a specific thing

Same policy here.

Thirding this.